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The next version may be the last version of the emulator... The source code is gonna be released too. Maybe the authors want to make the next version as complete as possible... The only sure thing is that it's gonna be released (someday). Remember that some projects have releases only once per year or even more.
An emulator cannot be your main concern (especialy when it's not your emulator). Just do something else (finish a large videogame, study, start a project by yourself) and it will be released before you realize it :)
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ok psyman but tell to these guys they understand less and say what ever they have in mind they start useless post like who is waiting for next version
i hope we will see it when it is out


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So sad

The last ver of Chankast??

I wonder why Chankast will be discontinued……T_T

SEGA will be glad,if there's no one continue Chankast
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raiden_quake said:
So sad

The last ver of Chankast??

I wonder why Chankast will be discontinued……T_T


Even if it is the last version released by the original developers, if they do actually release the source code I'm sure someone will pick it up and do further unofficial updates/releases down the line.


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I really hope that the core of Chankast will use a plugins system for all seperate system functions like gpu, spu, controller and so on. Just as it works with other emulators and quite succesfull indeed. I am affraid that otherwise all kinds of separate core builds are released with there own compatability.

But this is good news anyways. Hopefully the last source will be released as a build too. :)


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There is no point to using a plugin system if you have a solid emulator. The dreamcast is a very quirky machine and in order to emulate it properly you arent gonna be able to do all the weird tricks people did with n64 or psx.

I know for a fact that there was development after the .25 release. Ron (associate of Una-i, Garoffi, and the team) did a very small private release for developers which is slightly more accurate, and can take un/scrambled bins+isos for use by devvers. The compile time of this version though was fairly far after they announced they had a version working for the xbox, but there were no major performance increases so I don't see how it's possible unless they completely forked it.

On that note, I still put more faith in itoledo's DCemu.


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..just found this thread,good to know there is still progress.I just hope the are going to fix the sound problems in code veronica (and some other games).a bit redundant post,I know,but whatever:whistling


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Boy am I glad to see this. This post alone just brightened up my day! I don't care how long it takes to make a new version. Just keep us posted. Thanks!