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Thanks a lot man. You deserved that break after releasing the first few betas. Nice to know the project is starting back up some.


Chankast rocks ^^
Wohooo! Those are great news indeed :)
Thank you for all your work Garrofi, Unai and Bakterik :p. You all should be glad about Chankast, you've made an excellent work overall :)
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Hi garrofi congratulations for decision of the update chankast

The chankast's team it deserves congratulation for work in the emulation of the Dreamcast

I ask for sorry for you e and all members of the emutalk for my English and brazilians that annoy to all

and repeat congratulations for work !!!!!


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Nice work mate, glad to hear!
/me thinks this should be stickied so if there is a question about an update it can be squashed immediately


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now this isnt good news,this is great news.now bastards like nunoblindorr can shut up with the chankast is dead post.chankast is livin baby yeah :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :party: :party: :party: :party:


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this is the news i've been hoping to hear for a while.. good job.. cannot wait for the next release.. i was gonna get some more ram to run chankast better but i guess i wont be really needing it


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garrofi said:

About our missing in action. Chankast has been a very stressful project, it needed a lot of time to get it working. We did an incredible work to get the first release working in only 3 months, it was a full time work. After the 0.25 release I didn't feel like doing chankast again so I took a long break, but
we have been improving a lot of things in that time. The emu is faster and need less memory to work, an early xbox version is working, it's great to see shenmue 1 on xbox :), the sound is better, ...

About the future, we are thinking about releasing the source code and a binary with the latest changes.


Thanks! Great news!



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how do i run the chan kast. its in bittorant form. im new to the whole DC/psx/ps2/xbox/ any emu with cd's im confused i cant make it run can someone tell me with details please!!


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since garrofi says the source code will be released soon.. i'm wondering if theres anyone out there that is interested in trying to implement online play to play games like mvc2, sf3s, cvs2, ggx etc when the source code is released?

i've asked elsemi if they're planning to quit the chankast project since the source code is gonna be released and it seems like it, he said "probably".. he says its due to lack of motivation o_O


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well unless you know a hell of a lot about programming and the workings of the dc, then your gonna have very little chance of managing it :)