What's new

ares v139 released!


Multi System Emulator​

ares is a cross-platform, open source, multi-system emulator, focusing on accuracy and preservation.


Bandai - WonderSwan / WonderSwan Color

  • Improve EEPROM emulation accuracy

Nintendo - NES / Famicom

  • Fix DMA interrupt
  • Various PPU improvements: most (all?) current PPU accuracy test roms now pass!
  • Improve emulation of MMC3: fixes test roms and crashes in Mickey's Safari & Incredible Crash Dummies
  • Fix missing scanlines in Burai Fighter (USA) (last known rendering bug!)
  • Fix MC-ACC IRQ timing
  • Add support for mapper 150 (UNL-SACHEN-74LS374N)
  • Add support for mapper 229 (UNL-BMC-31-IN-1)
  • Add support for mapper 225/255 (UNL-BMC-128)
  • Add support for mapper 172 (TXC-22211B)
  • Add support for mapper 132/173 (TXC-22211A/C)
  • Add support un-headered roms with the .unh extension (note: uses internal database; unknown roms will not work, headered roms are still preferred)

Nintendo 64 / Nintendo 64 DD

  • Disable run-ahead for 64DD; fixes an issue that caused 64DD games to fail to boot.

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance

  • Improve VRAM mirroring in bitmap background modes
  • Implement 1-cycle timer latch behavior
  • Improve BIOS open bus edge case emulation
  • Increase synchronisaton between comonents: slight performance loss for measurable accuracy gain in irq dma tests
  • Improve video capture DMA such that it only runs if enabled on scanline 162 of previous frame

Sega - Mega Drive / Genesis / CD / 32X

  • Implement correct SH2 clocks for PAL/NTSC 32X
  • Improve 32X PWM volume/mixing by taking configured cycle rate into account

User Interface

  • Improve driver settings and full-screen behavior on macOS
  • Fix an issue where IPS patches that extend the rom would fail to apply
  • Fix an issue where changing the video driver may not correctly apply settings
  • Support "Default" as a device with the WASAPI driver on Windows (Win10 only)
  • FIx an issue where some settings would not persist on non-english locales