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AetherSX2 stops development due to harassment, dev quits

Thanks to the annoying and jerks out there. The final update is here and done. There will be no more update ever.

Yes, Patreon is also closed and no longer available.

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AetherSX2 development is indefinitely suspended.
Due to neverending impersonating, complaints, demands, and now death threats, I'm done.
You can still download/use the app and it will continue to work for the forseeable future.
AetherSX2 was always meant to be a fun hobby for me, not profit driven. It doesn't make sense to continue working on a hobby which isn't fun anymore.
Stay safe out there, and watch out for scammers, there seems to be a lot of them.
(e.g. there's multiple people claiming to represent AetherSX2 on various social media - they are not legit)
Thanks to everyone who wasn't a d*ck for the last year.
Current build downloads are still available at Home • AetherSX2 Download Archive - please follow good security hygiene and don't install APKs from random sources.