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adaptoid owners, you could be sitting on a *goldmine* lol


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Sorry if this is old news, i haven't been around enough to know, and it was over a month ago now.


holllyyyy shiiiiiit. "last adaptoid" sold for £84 (count 'em, eighty-four, quid).

and i got two for free eheh.

Shall i stick or shall i twist? ;) the ebay twist that is ;). maybe a "signed by Smiff" (but sadly also used by Smiff :( ) adaptoid would be worth even more ;) :D

If everyone knows this, trash the tread.
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i probably indirectly gave them hundreds of sales, via my site and later i organised the plugin inclusion with Project64.. i feel a bit used but i liked the guy at the company and he did a good job so i'm happy. slightly worried about long term driver support, but at least the MS HID drivers should keep the buttons working almost forever...


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arg shit i posted this after Martin did in a competition.. funny cos i saw by checking the UK Adaptoids site (god knows why i was there :crazy: ) weird weird coincidences.


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Innnnntersting very Innnteresting.... if I can sell 1 for 50 -100 I could probably make $150 -300 :devil: :ph34r: (cause I have 3... of them)


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Smiff said:
OT, but i'll put money on Doomulation being a boy.

Or old Time Happy

& hey Smiff nice to see you're still kicking about


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I'm proudly own an adaptoid :happy: but now I need a new original N64 controller (mine is getting bad) and they are very expensive now (you can only get them at the Nintendo Store)