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    Help and advice for a new comp

    Heya everyone, its been a while since I posted, but I am quite happy to see that the forum is still alive. :-) What with the whole Web 2.0 thingy drawing away attention from forums. At least, thats how it looks to me. Anyhow, I would like your advice. My PC is like five or six years old and I...
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    NullDC support starting from CDs?

    Heya everybody, it has been quite a while since I was here last and I can see that chankast is no longer the best DC Emu. I downloaded NullDC and got it working, but I only have my DC isos on CD, because Chankast was able to start games from the CD-Drive. Am I wrong or doesnt NullDC support...
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    Changing Screen Resolution in VBA help

    Heya everyone, I am using the newest version of GBA and I would love to play some of the games via cable on my TV. Thus I want to change the screen resolution to 640x480. There is an option in the settings for it, but its grey and I cant choose it. I tried to disable filters and stuff, but I...
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    Free and good MP3 Cutter?

    Heya everyone, I would like to cut small samples out of MP3 files. Anyone know a simple and free programme to do that? I want to use the samples for my mobile phone as ringing tone. greets and thanks, Talas
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    Nintendo DS - Wi Fi Connector

    Hi Guys, now, as some of you might have read, I bought a DS three weeks ago. I do have broadband at home, but my router is not wLAN, so I havent been able to play with the DS online yet. So I found this little goody on, the "Nintendo DS - Wi Fi Connector". Says you can just install...
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    The "Nintendo DS Greatest Games" Thread

    Hi everybody, since I bought my DS, I have been in enjoying it very much. For now, I am playing "Dr. Kawashimas Brain Training" "Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow" "Pac Pix" "Advance Wars DS" "Super Mario DS" but I am already feeling itchy to buy one or two games. I am thinking about "New Super...
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    Got Meself a Nintendo DS Lite

    Heya Guys, bought a Nintendo DS Lite yesterday, along with Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Dr. Kawashimas Brain Training. And I have to say... its FANTASTIC. Castlevania is standard quality, the Brain Training is real fun and the DS is really really good. Now, I would like to ask the community...
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    Porting a Microsoft Power Point Presentation

    Heya guys, I just encountered a very strange problem with Microsofts Power Point. I started creating a Presentation, because I wanted to make a something like a small cartoon (of course, its no cartoon, but its got photographs, music and movies). I dont know if PP is the best program for that...
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    ZSNES freezes my PC

    Hey everyone, I never had any problems with good ol ZSNES (the newest public release) but a couple of days ago I started it up again to play some nice games. After like 4 minutes of playing PLOK! all of a sudden the sound started repeating itself and the emu freezed. First I thought it was...
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    Removing a used EXE File

    Hey everyone, ok, I got a strange problem. Some days ago I searched for a free cyrillic fond on the internet. I found one pretty fast. When I downloaded the file, it was called bk1251.exe and I downloaded it unto my desktop. Now, I clicked on that file and a PKSX Extractor openend in DOS and...
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    GBA Games Best of

    Hey everybody, bought a GBA SP the other day, along with a couple of games: Zelda: Minish Cap Pokemon (Forgot the Edition) Advance Wars 2 Advance Guardian Heroes Now, I think I will sell Pokemon and Advance Guardian Heroes again, dont like them. I really like Advance Wars 2, reminds me of...
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    Hm... Playing ZSNES on a notebook

    Hey everyone, I just got this very nice Toshiba Notebook with a 15.4'' monitor. I tried to play some good ol SNES games on it (with ZSNES). It does work but I can play it only in a window since my notebook has a 1280x900 (I think) resolution, broad screen. Any possibility to stretch ZSNES to...
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    Huh? No new posts?

    Hi everyone, the last couple of days, I am encountering some strange problems with Whenever I visit, I click on the "New Posts" Button and get... well... the new posts of course. Ever since I upgraded to Firefox 1.03, whenever I click on "New Posts" there are none. I get the...
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    How do I use the High Res Textures?

    Ok, sorry if this post is stupid, but how do I implement all thos great looking new high res textures into the games? What do I have to do?
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    Sound Issues with Syphon Filter 3 on ePSXe

    Hi everyone, I was just trying to play Syphon Filter 3 (I heard it was good) on ePSXe and after playing thru level 1 the game just stopped. After saving the game just stops doing anything. Anyway knows about that error and knows what to do? Gracias, Talas