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    Netplay ... a new task to solve :)

    Hi guys, its funny that i need help with netplay again but this problem has nothing to do with the sync. The sync is fine but i dont know how something changed. we all use the same things but i ll get lost connection with mario kart 64 every time. (wonder how because i played it about 1 hour...
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    Chankast Utilities problem

    Hi guys, i went to the chankast utilities homepage to download the programm. After i extracted it, i got this file ChankastUtilv02a3.exe. If i choose a destination folder like a randrom thing f.e. C:\tools or the Chankast emulator folder it tells me every time wrong folder selected. What can i...
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    Netplay Solution (Guide)

    Hey Guys, i think many of you want to have a good solution for the sync problem but this one is just a try it works fine for me and my friends so i dont know if it works 100% for you guys. Internet Connection: Ok lemme start. If you want to play with more than 2 players cable/dsl or higher is...