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Netplay Solution (Guide)


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Hey Guys, i think many of you want to have a good solution for the sync problem but this one is just a try it works fine for me and my friends so i dont know if it works 100% for you guys.

Internet Connection:
Ok lemme start. If you want to play with more than 2 players cable/dsl or higher is required otherwise (ISDN) is very lagy but isdn is good speed for 2 players.

Emulator Setup:
1. To save your sync all players have to use the same emulator. (we used 1964). Make sure u all use the same plugins.
2.Remove all mempaks and savegames.
3.Now the important thing!!!! Download project64 too and copy the "No Sound" plugin to your emulator plugin folder. Make sure that !ALL! of you use it.
4. Dont forget step 2 and 3.

Server Setup:
This isnt very difficult. download kallera server and start it.
For people who are behind a router I got a "temp" unsafe solution.
If your partners cant connect to ur own server which is running behind a firewall/router do a portforwarding in your router. use the port 27888 and open the port range 10000-60000. erm ok .... i told u its unsafe but its working.

More Than 2 players.
Well thats not difficult.First make sure your game accept more than 2 players.
Then everyone have to plugin the other controllers in ther input plugin. I think its needed to send the key datas there. Then join the game. It will shows up 2/2 players but the 3rd and 4th player are able to join, its working. Note! Cable/DSL or Better is required!!!

here is just an exlanation of the delay option:

Low Delay ( 1 or 2) = the game is more laagy but the controlling in the game has no delay or nearlly no delay. For example u press the right button and ur car will move right immediately.

Higher Delay ( 6 or 7) = the game runs with just a few laags but the controlling in the game has got a greater delay that means if u press for example the right button ur car will move right a bit later than immediately. That makes the controlling more difficult.

So try a bit with this option and find out ur best settings for gaming.

Testing Plugins

minkster :
Also i would add to make two kinds of folders ...name one 1964 and the other one 1964k . So then that way you can use the needed plugins for netplay in one folder while the other one is for experimenting with plugins. Just a suggestion

Tested Games: MarioKart 64 & Smash Brothers

Thats it if i forgot something please tell me and i will add this in my Solution.

Have fun Good Luck and i hope it is working for you guys.

! Please feel free to write ur experience down here !

P.S. if it is a useful solution it might be sticked ^^

(Sorry about this double post here :whistling )


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thanks :)

Did someone tested it , i need some feedbacks to make my guide better :)
Some Criticism would be nice too :whistling
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Mm, this is useful.

If you have to remove all savegames, how do you use secret characters, options and stages (SSB, for ex.)? Cheats?


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Well, removing the memcards will save the snyc because many ppl have diffrent datas on their memcards. So try to use a cheat or just normal playing save ur data on the memcard. Now send ur memcard to your friends.
Everyone has the same datas on the memcard and the game might not lose its snyc.

(its normal to think about the snyc if everone got diffrent data but to duplicate one memcard and give this to all friends might solve this problem, its quiet helping with the epsxe emulator too. )

I hope this will help you.

Have a nice day :)


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Meh, I can't enjoy a game without sound. Too bad, I'd love to play some Mario Kart or something else with my friend.


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why cant you join without sounds? this is an unkown issue i think. U may try the game with sound but the chance of getting unsync will increase.


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How do i do step 2 ? remove all mempacks and savegames :blush:

PD: there are so few n64 servers in kaillera.. if you feel like playing ssb add me to ur msn so we can arrange :p
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Well he said that you cant ENJOY games without sound not join without well i wouldnt be able to enjoy the game either.


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And if you can't live without N64 music, load an USF set, start winamp, play without Emu sound,, but with N64 sound! :p


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F.Y.I. Schibos sound Plugin released with .9.9 works great, if everyone uses the same plugins, everyone gets the same effect. If everyone is on CABLE/DSL (with pretty low ping to each other), running same plugins, and same patches, same rom, same cheats, everything will work correctly.. Some Plugins are no-gos with Netplay.. So, tinker around with them, and find out what works best within a Networking environment in your home first.. Then try it on the net!

B.T.W. - Would like to send shots out to Schibo, Rice, Gent, Trotterwatch, and all the rest of the gang!!! Just to let you peepaz know... I AM BACK..... Be expecting more from me again..


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LAN Solution:

For Configuring Server in LAN (no net avaliable):

Go into killara server config file and

Set Public to 0 if you want to run the server on a private LAN
Public=1 by default. which doesnt allow a game to be setup as its always looking for killara master server.

Ports can also be changed in the file for office networks where some ports might be blocked :evil:


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Wow, super smash brothers sounds great! But i can't play against others because it says the rom is not the same, i did everything like u said, what to do?

EDIT: i use project64k now , it works! But only i got desync when i use cheats to get ness online because save games don't work online
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is there a way to run a server without paying monthly for *shells* or whatever that said in Kailerra FAQ?


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You should be able to grab the server program and run it after editing the .conf file to your liking...


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Id hate to be a noob and waste ur time, but how do i configure my server, how do i run it etc, i need that last info too own my friend in conker online