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Netplay ... a new task to solve :)


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Hi guys, its funny that i need help with netplay again but this problem has nothing to do with the sync. The sync is fine but i dont know how something changed. we all use the same things but i ll get lost connection with mario kart 64 every time. (wonder how because i played it about 1 hour with 2 ppl)

I dont know anything about coding but i wanna know if this is a problem of the coding of kaillera or is there any hope to solve a lost connection problem.

1.Hardware use: Both(me and friend) using DSL 768kbits = lost connection rofl

2. Hardware use:ME DSL another Friend ISDN = no lost connection just a bit laagy.

WTF is going on with that? none laagy games will get dissconnect laagy games will run forever. Any other people who get those wierd results?

I hope to solve it anyway. Maybe any coder will try something o_O dont know who... =P

Any ideas?


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ok got some results. i made a test system with my old configured 1964 emulator. I used 2 emus on the same pc ... nothing special and tried to avoid the lost connection but i still got lost connection and the server showed 3 time outs.

Ok Now the 2nd test system. I reinstalled 1964 to use the default plugins.
Well the game ran to fast but hey no lost connection anymore. i think it depends on the plugins. Well if u get lost connection try other plugins.

3rd test. No lost connections anymore but now i have to fight against ansync. if i get positive results this will be a good point in the solution guide.

Any other feedbacks? If i collect enough information i will add this to my guide.

Please feel free to write your experience down in this threat :)

I hope this threat will help other people to solve their network problems :)
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