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    Flickering Problem In WWF No Mercy

    The problem i'm having with WWF No Mercy is that a flickering problem occurs when two or more wrestlers are outside of the ring. The video flickers constantly, making it unable to fight outside the ring. I'm using Project 64 1.6 with Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6 as the video plugin and it runs...
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    Renaming Perfect Dark bots?

    Is it possible to rename the bot names in Perfect Dark? Another question I have is that if you put on Super2xsai textures on Perfect Dark, will the game go slower? or will the speed be fine?
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    Bomberman 64 Speed

    I am using Project64 1.6 to play Bomberman 64 and the problem I am having is playing with 4 players, makes the speed a bit slower. It's strange because the framerate says 59-60 frames, but the speed is slower than that. I tried playing with 2 and 3 players and the speed is fine (59-60 frames)...
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    Grandia 2 (Echelon) does not work!

    The game just freezes at the now loading screen. I used the search on this site for finding tips to make this game work and one tip I found was to burn the image. Which I did, but it still freezes! (I used CloneCD to burn the ccd image) The image files I have for this game are ccd, img and sub...
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    Chankast Front-End Wont Work!

    I put the view to maximized view but when the game starts it just plays in the normal window! plz help
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    How Can I Get Street Fighter Alpha 2 To Work On Zsnes?

    How can i get the game to work on zsnes?
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    Mortal Kombat Trilogy

    How can I get Mortal Kombat Trilogy to work without the green outlining and how can i get it to play fine without any problems?
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    How do I use Glide64 & eVoodoo?

    I want to play 007 world is not enough on project 64 1.5 but the problem is i cant see the gun so the only way to fix it i heard is to use Glide64 & eVoodoo but how do i install it? and where do i get it?
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    How do you chat in a game?

    How do you chat in a game when using 1964 v0.99 when your playing on kaillera?
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    We Need 7 More People To Start Raw64's SSB TOURNEY!!

    Any of you play SSB on kaillera then I strongly suggest you enter this tournament because we just need 7 more people!!!! Please enter it! We want to get this tournament started ASAP!
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    How Do You Get This To Work???

    Ok my input setting is using the keyboard & mouse (n-rage) and whenever I put a joystick configuration in controller 2 I run Perfect Dark but I can't press start or anything for both controllers! How can I fix this? I wanna use the keyboard & mouse and have a joystick configuration for...
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    Animal Forest HELP!

    Animal Forest (which is exactly Animal Crossing on the Gamecube) is in Japanese on N64 and i have the rom......Its in Japanese (the subtitles) and I want it in English is any emulator possible of doing that? Here are some screenshots (dammit times like these i wish i knew Japanese)
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    Is it possible to have a PCI SLOT & AGP SLOT?

    My computer has a PCI slot and i was wondering it is possible to add a AGP slot? Because all the new video cards are not PCI. So is it possible to have both slots? or is it possible to take out the PCI slot and put in a AGP slot?
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    What's Anisotropic Filtering?

    I have a Geforce 2 MX 400 and in the settings it said anisotropic filtering so what does that mean?
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    Whats a good processor?

    What is a AMD Athlon XP 3000+? Well please tell me what this is AMD Athlon XP 3000+ and please tell me what processor is 3.0 ghz?