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    Power Calc

    Hello everyone!I am working on a calculator, so far it has 9 functions including solving functions and equations, but I want more :D I will leave the calc here if you wanna take a look, it's called Power Calc, it's not very complex though I am looking foward to making it.So please post feedback...
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    Starting an emulator!

    Hello guys! I would like to request a lil guidance.I don't know how emulators work(their architecture), so I don't know where to begin the coding and what to do with the opcodes.I know I should begin with 8 chip and thats what I want!I have a not so strong c++ and DirectX basis but I have lots...
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    Begginin´with directX

    I am reading a book about it and I wanted to know if is it true that the whole emu options can be made with directX or openGL and if is it too hard to emulate snes and also how to put my c++ knowledge on a handheld thx in advance!:)
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    Zelda 4 swords playable I think

    Yeah that's it!You put it on wireframe but you won't understand nothing, I did some random clicks on the menu and it didn't crash at all I could access it normally but I didn't know what was I accessing anyway people, I have a 32mb video card so I couldn't see anything but a blank screen without...
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    Has anyone here played or tried to play Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance on Dolphin?I'd like to know how does it run, thanks in advance!
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    C++ Compiler

    I know that the best 1 and free is the dev cpp from bloodshed but, is there a pocket version 4 my handheld or a c++ compiler 4 palms?thx in advance!
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    Is dolwin still a beta?Can I download it atm? btw Hey first thread on this forum is made by me :icecream:
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    I'd need some help here with directx for my 8 chip emu, anyone knows a good tutorial?I searched at google, got one, tried the source but now it says a strange error "Couldn't compile"... thanks in advance btw what is needed for the 8 chip emu, i mean like -cpu -opcodes... i dunno the rest or if...
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    small question

    has anyone tested MortalKombat Deadly alliance?Sorry if it was already posted at the compatibility thread.
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    How may I "draw" a window in C++ for a program and add functions like File, Options.Thanks!