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    if people want to netplay the new 1964, try joining the #1964 channel on Efnet. Maybe we can setup some meetings. This is just a suggestion, I cannot netplay since I have about 30% packet loss out of my isp's router.
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    1964 0.99 Faq (Read this before posting a new thread)

    #1. Q: Rice's video doesn't seem to work very well with my Radeon. A: Use Rice's versions 5.4.3b or newer. #2. Q: Schibo's audio (doesn't work, is crackly, isn't as high quality as others) for me. A: Don't use an RSP with Schibo's audio. If you do, make sure to go into it's...
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    It has come to my attention that netplay has been undertested in the last few betas. We really really need people to test this out. Join us on IRC, efnet, #1964_beta, password is the same as for this forum. Play vs eachother, play vs Gent, TW, me, Malcolm, Neto, etc!
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    it's schibo's birthday!

    Happy birthday, schibo! 30 isn't so bad. Wait till you hit 40!
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    gui rom list bug

    I'm not positive how to explain this, but here goes. Release .99beta 11-15-03. I'm certain this applies to other roms, but the only specific example I have is "fire Electric pen". When you play this game, and stop it, the gui scrolls to the very bottom of the list instead of staying at that...
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    in all beta versions of 1964, when restoring a state in aerogauge, it doubles the lap timer in the upper corner. Occurs: Always urgency: annoying
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    Taz Express issue

    Please use this format each time you submit a list if bugs. Name:Karth Date:11/11/03 1964 Version (from the 1964 Window's Title Bar):10-06 - present _____________________________________________________________________ Please specify your system: Operating System:2000 Processor (Examples...
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    crash on settings bug

    When attempting to open the program with no roms loaded, go into the plugin menu, and switch to per rom settings. The program crashes, and you cannot to back into the plugin setup menu without it crashing. not serious at all, who on earth would load the program without roms in it?
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    language pack erorrs

    This is a list of issues with the language packs, if you want it in the main bug report format let me know. This is with Rice's 11-08 build running on win2k sp4. When you first load 1964, the tabs in the properties screen are not populated. You can get them to populate by selecting an alternate...
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    Irc Please!

    I know it can take up some of your time, but everyone please visit the #1964_beta channel on efnet. There are directions on how to get there in the thread Schibo posted, and with the newer versions being posted, those of us who do visit could really use some help looking at all the 900 possible...
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    beta begging

    So in my PM's today, I got a request for the Beta. Accompanied by a bribe of about 25 sites where you can download n64 roms. I'm rather concerned by this. Schibo, Rice, how do you think this should be dealt with? Obviously, I'm not going to send him a copy of the beta, but I'm unsure what else...
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    Best of the top 20!

    Gamespot has their top 20 n64 games ever. Here they are, tell me what you think.
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    bakuretsu muteki bangaioh works properly when loading, but when you get to the action screen, and start to fly, it slows down to 1 v/i a second or less, on my p3 1ghz or the xp2100.
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    Dr. Mario Pill bug

    Name: Karth95 Date:10/2/03 1964 Version (from the 1964 Window's Title Bar): .99 10/2/03 _____________________________________________________________________ Please specify your system: Operating System:win2000 Processor (Examples: Intel Pentium III, AMD K2):amd Processor Speed:xp2100 BUS...
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    netplay does not work

    Please use this format each time you submit a list if bugs. Name: Karth95 Date:9/28/03 1964 Version (from the 1964 Window's Title Bar): _____________________________________________________________________ Please specify your system: Operating System:win2000 Processor (Examples: Intel...