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Irc Please!


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I know it can take up some of your time, but everyone please visit the #1964_beta channel on efnet. There are directions on how to get there in the thread Schibo posted, and with the newer versions being posted, those of us who do visit could really use some help looking at all the 900 possible games to play.


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I don't mind hitting IRC, and in fact I have once already, but what's there that isn't available here?

Also when I signed up I told Shibo that I could offer up a few hours almost every night for testing. which I have been fairly diligent in doing. Maybe I'm not testing the games I have in a proper fashion? I don't seem to be coming with hardly any of the problems most others report. Maybe I don't play into the games far enough? Not sure off hand. If that however is unacceptable I will humbly bow out now.

Does anyone have a sorta guide they follow when testing against a new build?

I'd be interested if you do. I have tons of games, but I barley get to play handful of them.


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At the end of the day, you devote what you can to testing. No one is going to begrudge you having a life :)

The main advantage an active IRC channel would have is simply realtime bug testing and feedback. I can for example report a bug to Karth or Gent who will then test it. If they experience the same problem then I will report it, else I will do my utmost to discern whether it is a genuine fault in the emulator. Rather than reporting something which is my fault.

What I generally do when a new build is out. I randomly select games and test them. If I encounter errors I log them for further investigation later etc If a certain game had errors in a previous version, I tend to test that game with all subsequent versions.

Don't take our asking for people to come into the channel as criticsm - I don't think it was meant to be that way.


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I was not meaning my words as criticism, btw. I am only trying to push the ones that have done absolutely nothing. If we all at least put a little bit in, then we can all benefit from it.

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Well just to add to this topic...some general guidlines as to the best use of testing time would be great since I'm new to this. I'm trying to crash the emulator itself, testing all the different functions, etc. The idea of testing all the titles though isn't something that I neccessarily thought of. It may have more to with ignorance than anything. I didn't really think that the graphic problems I was experiencing in the game like graphical glitches was a result of the 1964 beta. I thought this was happening more because of the limitations of the various video plugins.

I'm all ears to what the best way to spend my time is though. I'm a bit confused though about the testing of games because of the wide variances of video issues that are caused from different video plugins. Or is it 1964 causing the glitches? Uh...

Thanks and I'll see you guys on mirc!!


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You can test the games for core issues, sound issues and graphic issues (the latter more relevant with Rices plugin - we know about everything else).

A good core problem for example would be in Shadowman, try starting a new game and running around the first corner. Chances are you will fall to your death down an unseen hole.

That is a core issue :) Or perhaps games don't load up, and instead display emulation errors, once again a core issue etc

All parts of the emulator are important though, trying to crash it is great - if you can find a crash that is repeatable, excellent.


Leap of Faith
my bad then for taking this thread out of context.

being on the edge of a cold and the only tech at work today makes for an overly crabby LazerTag, please excuse me :)

I will try my best ot be on IRC more as I test. Not tonight though, must go watch ER and cuddle with the wife ;)