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Taz Express issue

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Lord of the Cats
Please use this format each time you submit a list if bugs.

1964 Version (from the 1964 Window's Title Bar):10-06 - present


Please specify your system:

Operating System:2000
Processor (Examples: Intel Pentium III, AMD K2): XP2100
Processor Speed:no idea
BUS Speed (optional): 166
Amount of Memory:768mb
Graphics Accelerator Crd:GF FX5200
Audio Card:pOS


}}}}} Bug#1 {{{{{

Describe the Problem:
taz express no longer works in the beta. It worked correctly with release 9-25 up to 10-3, then ceased working from 10-6 and does not work presently.

How to Make this Problem Happen:
Load the rom. Start the game. Get into the game, when loading the first level, you will get a blue background with no taz or other images besides the package.

How Often Does this Problem Happen? [Rarely; Sometimes; Often; Always]:

Rate the Problem [Not Serious; A Minor Distraction; Annoying; Urgent]:


Lord of the Cats
since I need to make sure this gets seen, and I'm not sure who read the post already,

Note that the game can be loaded via a save saved after the level load screen and it works, as long as the save is pre- 10-06 beta.

Also, people might not want to rely on save states to check if a game works.
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