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    Dolphin Linux build testing and evaluation for packaging

    Hello there, I've been hanging around here on and off for a while, I'm sure people know me. Well, since Dolphin is now much nicer with Linux, I've decided to start trying to get the Linux build working again, and I have finally got it working although there are issues. I am a packager, I...
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    Mupen64Plus: unacceptable sound and speed issues

    Hi, I've just finished upgrading this thing, and I SHOULD be able to turn all the settings up on Mupen64Plus and have no speed issues at all. But I have all the settings turned down, and I'm having speed issues in all my games and the sound is always crackly, and the video can't keep up with...
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    Problem with the new Dolphin and a question

    Hi, It's been a while. =P Anyways, I was playing Dolphin and I thought I'd check if a new version had come. What a surprise I'd got! Anyways, I installed the lastest SVN build of Dolphin and tried to run it, but every time I try to run it, almost immediately comes up with the Windows...
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    1964 + Paper Mario + Save states for just one thing than saving normally = boom

    1964 + Paper Mario + Save states for just one thing than saving normally = boom Yeah, it crashes when I try to save normally. It's getting really annoying, I don't know how to fix it.
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    What's your most Prized posession???

    Mine is :borg: My PC!
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    SSBM - Another one. Sorry :(

    Listen I got SSBM working properly. But they're only one thing that bugs me. In adventure mode, I keep crashing in the middle of Fighting the Giant Kirby. Does anyone have enquiries about this problem? Thanks in advance.
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    The Bug-free new Windows Really good edition! Go there and experience the best windows yet :P
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    Graphics Card Christmas Present

    I have FINALLY grown out of my GeForce 4 MX 440. Here is my new Graphics card: GPU: Legend™ GeForce 6200 256MB/DDR2 AGP8X. This thing was fucking expensive, but it's worth it. Finally the games run fast, and pretty! :) And I also have Shader Model 3.0 in my hands! XD Merry Christmas! GCFreak
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    Just a question :)

    Will Dolphin's Next release take advantage of Shader Model 3.0? Because it can dramatically improve graphics, and maybe even speed a little bit :). Thanks in advance.
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    OMFG! I hear Music!

    I was playing SSBM, Event Match #17 and i lost, i paused and pressed Z to retry and then, it happened. The Music was playing for longer then 3 seconds and it was lasting. It lasted through the whole Event match. The Beautiful theme of Captian Falcon. I have made a discovery. Here's evidence...
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    I can beat Classic First level

    I can beat Classic First level - Unfortunately Can't show.. This morning, I was trying SSBM on Dolphin with my upgraded PC, and I was shocked to find out that I can beat the first level of Classic without crashing with Mario. So here's the problem. I wanted to upload a couple of pics of my...
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    OC'd My duron

    Since I'm about to upgrade, I just wanna stretch the life out of my Duron now. I overclocked to 880MHz and will maybe go higher and see what happens. Looks good so far, It can boot into windows. Running iTunes and Firefox and it stays at 40*C Thanks to the new cooler I installed. :P I will try...
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    I made the most random thing! :D.

    Server2003 Visual Style. Name: Server2003 Version: 0.1 Compatability: Windows Server 2003 (Recommended), Windows XP, Windows 2000, (Start Menu Problems in Windows 98 and Windows ME, still compatable though) It's called Server2003. It's a skin that looks like the default XP skin but I just...
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    Windows Server 2003

    I'm dual-booting Windows Server 2003 to see the advantages of it over Windows XP SP2 on my server PC. One con: No Network drivers damnit! The OS doesn't have any drivers for my network card. Can someone find drivers for Server 2003? My Network card is a Linksys LNE100TX Fast ethernet adapter...
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    Random Freezes - really annoying!

    My Computer started freezing randomly at spontaneous times today. I can't find the problem. I tried updating my forceware, Installing the Detonator drivers, Even reinstalling windows, and nothing worked. Please help, I am losing alot of important work over this and I just am in a twist right...