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Dolphin Linux build testing and evaluation for packaging


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Hello there,

I've been hanging around here on and off for a while, I'm sure people know me.

Well, since Dolphin is now much nicer with Linux, I've decided to start trying to get the Linux build working again, and I have finally got it working although there are issues.

I am a packager, I package both RPM and DEB packages (and reading about how to make Arch Linux packages too) for Linux distributions. I want to make packages for Dolphin so it can be easily installed on any RPM (Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, etc) or DEB (Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc) based Linux distribution, but there are issues:

1. The fact that Dolphin keeps all its settings and plugins in prepackaged folders in a preset directory is the biggest issue. Since I plan to put the Dolphin binary in /usr/bin (where it should be put), the settings need to be created where the current user has read/write access, such as the users home directory (where settings should be kept), for example, /home/foobar/.dolphin is the best place to doing it (just a note, my packages won't install the settings to the home folder, they have to be created by Dolphin itself). Plugins should probably be kept in /usr/lib.

2. Dolphin still seems to be quite temperamental under Linux, I've had crashes and freezes and it seems to try ALSA's patience a bit (see the buffer underruns from the terminal emulator window in my screenshot). It is sure as hell a lot faster under Linux than Windows though =P

That seems to be it so far from me. I'm pretty sure a lot of people here have no clue in hell about what I'm talking about in this topic, but hopefully the developers of Dolphin are listening and can help me out a bit. =) I wasn't sure where to put this discussion so I put it both here and on the Dolphin forums.

Thanks guys.


I'd love a .deb that works with Ubuntu 8.04, haven't tried Dolphin in Linux yet. :)


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Hi guys, just to let you guys know I'm still interested in doing this, the past lot of revisions have made the Linux version of Dolphin somewhat better but its still not up to standard yet though...but its getting there. Now that school is out for me for the year I would be able to maintain these packages but since I can't code in C++ I would need someone to modify Dolphin so it can be packaged properly.