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Windows Server 2003


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I'm dual-booting Windows Server 2003 to see the advantages of it over Windows XP SP2 on my server PC. One con: No Network drivers damnit!

The OS doesn't have any drivers for my network card.
Can someone find drivers for Server 2003? My Network card is a Linksys LNE100TX Fast ethernet adapter version 1.0 .

Also. How do you set an administrator password? The Control panel on the OS is complicating.

Thanks in advance.



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From http://www.network-drivers.com/drivers/136/136169.htm :
"This is the Windows 2000 driver for the LNE100TX ver4.5 Network Card. HOWEVER, it works great for my LNE100TX v2 network card, installed in my Windows 2003 server. It also worked in my WinXP Home machine as well with this driver."

However, a list of unsuppored modems & network adapters is on MS's site:

You might get lucky and those Windows 2000 drivers work for you, I wouldn't know since I don't have that network adapter and don't use Windows Server 2003 (no need).

Also, to set a user password you should be able to do it from the command line if nothing else, like so:
net user administrator 123456

replace 123456 with the actual password, or I think you can do:
net user administrator *

this should cause it to prompt you for a password.


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Ok. I'll try that. And I'll try the drivers. Thank god I'm already a driverguide member :D.

EDIT: w00t it works Thanks Seth. (Driver)\

EDITII: The password thing worked too, thanks! lol.
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