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    Could someone fill me in here?

    I was initially just going to make this thread about how this site is in sore need of an update, but then I hear this talk about the site being "near-dead", vital people being away from it, etc. I mean, if there are people here to update the site to current interest, more people will come. But...
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    I'm probably gonna get alot of slack on this, but

    Does anyone else think that the team should really focus on perfecting GAMECUBE emulation before moving onto Wii emulation? Sound is only supported in a handful of games, loads of issues with the games that can be played on the emulator, and the emulator itself is lacking useful features such as...
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    Can a ROM be corrupted if the ROM is a good rom in the first place?

    I've gotten varied answers. I'd think READ ONLY MEMORY would be self explanatory, but as said, I've gotten varied answers.
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    Project64 site down for maintenance Should we be concerned, or hopeful?
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    Will any Dreamcast Emulator play "Half Life"?

    I recently acquired a VERY rare copy of Valve's Dreamcast port of Half Life, and I've ripped a clean file onto my computer. Will any Dreamcast emulator play it at all?
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    Deleted topic...

    My topic on "No$GBA 2.6x" was deleted. With no explanation. Why? 1. It was NOT an illegal release of No$GBA, nor a leak, but an add-on for 2.6. 2. I did not link to any inappropriate site. 3. It is NOT a rehash of NDS2xgl: in tests against it, No$GBA 2.6x ran on average 1/3 faster. You can...
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    Button sensitivity issues with Super Mario 64 DS

    When trying to run with the keyboard in Super Mario 64 DS, the characters only walk. Is there any way to adjust the button sensitivity for just this game?
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    No$GBA 2.6a Compatability List

    Post your successes and failures with the No$GBA Nintendo DS emulator. This thread is for 2.6a ONLY, not 2.6. A separate thread has been made in lieu of that. When posting compatability info, please include the following: Name (of the game) Region Video status Audio staus Notes (please specify...
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    Regional Format Interpreter?

    Is there any tool available that allows you to see what regional format the game is in?
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    "Cracked" ISOs

    I recently downloaded an ISO, which I didn't want to be altered in any way. Apparently, someone "cracked" it and created a menu before the actual game starts full of options I really don't need. Is there anyway I can remove this part from the actual ISO?
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    Conker's Bad Fur Day Stability Issues

    I've been playing the game through, and up until now, nothing odd has happened with the game. But, when I get to the Panther King's throne area, the speed starts to become less stable, going as low as 40, but usualy staying in the 50s. Is this a problem with the emulator? My graphics card, even...
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    Super Smash Brothers Mulltiplayer error

    Earlier today, I tried playing SMB with a friend. I put it on full screen, and connected the computer image to my TV. While trying to choose players, the emulator froze up on us. Trying again, the same thing happened. What is wrong here?
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    P64 error with unidentified ROMs

    I put two ROMs that P64 can't identify into my ROMs directory. Since I saw that P64 wanted to say that just because they couldn't identify it, it's a bad ROM, I went into settings to change it, but when I went out of the settings menu, the P64 menu dissapeared, and a black screen replaced it. I...
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    Can my new computer run Dolphin at all?

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dualcore Processor 4000+ 2.10 GHZ. 900MB RAM (894 exact) 32-bit system (I'm talking about the old version of Dolphin, unless a new version suporting 32 was released I wasn't told about) No video card (As of now) Nvidia graphics card (Can't specify... this computer is new...
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    Short Question on File Corruption:

    I recently made a file on PH, but later, accidently tried to access it with EEPROM64k, and corrupted it. The game automaticly deleted the file, but now I'm a bit worried: can a corrupted file damage the actual game in any way? Oh, and I noticed that when characters talk, the talk bubbles have...