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Could someone fill me in here?


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I was initially just going to make this thread about how this site is in sore need of an update, but then I hear this talk about the site being "near-dead", vital people being away from it, etc.

I mean, if there are people here to update the site to current interest, more people will come. But there are parts of the site that haven't been updated since 2006, some even 2003. If only more work could be done, loads transfered onto people who would love to invest interest in this site, then we could only see a rise in interest for this site itself.

And again, I'm not filled in on the situation, so sorry if I'm just poking a dead body here. Emutalk is a place of warm nostalgia for me, even if I was an idiot when I started out those two years ago. I'd hate to see it die a slow death, and then rot quietly for everyone passing by to see.
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As long as the admins (Martin especially) are more or less spending their time in some massive black hole in the far reaches of the Internet (or even worse, outside the Internet, in that place often referred to as "RL"), there's very little hope of EmuTalk getting updated in any way.

Then again, it really isn't the admins' fault. Emulation is as big a deal as it once was.


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I was thinking of making a thread similar to this.

The thing that bothers me the most about this board is people can spam and spam all day unchallenged (like this JopoDimo guy who posted nearly 100 things about prescriptions)

Well they do eventually get dealt with but its rather disheartening to see them get away with it for so long.