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I'm probably gonna get alot of slack on this, but


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Does anyone else think that the team should really focus on perfecting GAMECUBE emulation before moving onto Wii emulation? Sound is only supported in a handful of games, loads of issues with the games that can be played on the emulator, and the emulator itself is lacking useful features such as a FPS limiter. Sure, I'd like to see Wii emulation, but I'd rather have one emulator that functions to the degree of P64 then one that emulates two consoles with mixed results.


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Gamecube and Wii hardware are very similar.
The Wii is almost like a small upgrade from the GC.

So the practical thing to do is to take advantage of this and develop them both at the same time.


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I have a gripe about the name. Change the damn name. Calling it Dolphin (Which was the codename for Gamecube) is absolutely pointless if we have Wii emulation as well. What, it becomes Dolphin Revolution, then? For the love of god, don´t say "Hey, that don´t sound so bad", because it does. It also sounds VERY predictable. I do have to agree, i´m sorry. The focus seems to be more and more on the Wii side. Besides, it´s a damn hassle! You have to get that damn bluetooth dongle, you have to get some kind of replacement for the sensor bar, or just get a battery driven one. Uneccesary work when you already have the real deal good to go! There is much less work with the GC. I do see the practical side of it, though. Easier to get it in there right away, right? But i think it is drifting more and more from the GC. You have to be a fool not to see that.


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The devs at Dolphin forums are saying that the Wii's hardware is virtually the same as the Gamecube's, so I can see why they wanted to jump on Wii emulation. I just hope they don't completely forgo full-time Wii support.


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I'll have to agree. Despite the hardware similarities, I feel the focus should be on the GameCube for the time being. Only four of the nineteen ISOs I have are actually "playable". About nine will boot successfully but won't get into the game (NightFire and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles) and frankly it's a little frustrating. The rest bitch about that TLB stuff.

That's not to say that I'm not pleased with the progress of the emulator though. It's quite simply astounding.


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Wii is just a modified Gamecube. When we try to fix things in Dolphin, it is kind of making fixes for both systems. Anyways, we change whatever what we feel like, we don't really have an official project priority list. We just fix whatever we want to fix or try to fix. Sometimes we try to fix things for GCN or Wii and it becomes a fail plan, we might end up making an ulgy hack that might fix one thing but not the other.


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A random question completely unrelated: Guys, do you think RGB or component is the better option on Wii? I use RGB on PS2, and it looks better then on Wii. I have a full HD TV. 40"...bi-hatch:p
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Component is almost without exception far better looking than RGB, ragardless of the console in use.


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Alrighty, that´s what i thought. Got component cables recently, so i wasn´t quite sure. I´m still pretty fresh in the world of HDTV´s.

Also, tomorrow... Me getting 360 Elite, w00t. With HDMI, of course.

Ehh, ok...Back on topic:p

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how about focusing on supporting all of the OS that they claim to support. even if you follow the official guide 100% perfect and (heaven forbid) get it to compile. i almost promise that if you are on anything other than windows you will NOT get a game to load. i have tried on Mac OS X 10.5.6 and ubuntu linux 8.04. after getting both to compile i tried to run a game, and it crashes.

i know what you're going so say: BOOT CAMP

ill have you know boot camp is a pain in the ass and slows down your system and gives your disk integrity a kick in the nuts.

i guess that was kinda long winded and maybe a little off topic, but it's worthy of mention.


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Since the Wii is exactly the same hardware architecture as the GameCube, fixes on the Wii emulation also benefit the GameCube emulation, assuming that they're using the same emulation method for both...I see no problem.