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    WinXP nedia player problems

    If anyone could help this I'd really apprechiate it. I'm running Windows Media Player 9.X[i don't know the version] and whnever I try to open it or click on a song to play or any media for that matter it refuses to open. The computer will make typical loading noises and then right when it should...
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    Emution Engine

    We should have a forum for EMUtion Engine, afterall, the site is hosted on emulation64 and nSX2 has its own forum.
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    Capacitor Question

    All right, som I'm building my own adaptoid from [loads-o-fun] and everything is going great. However, the site recommends a 100pf capacitor. Radio Shack only carries uF [micro-frads] capacitors, I know they're just different unit but what it 100 pf equivlant to in...
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    New Graphic Card

    In honor of my new graphic card a large upgrade from my old rage 128 16 MB I'll show it off even though it isn't much!
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    New Video Card

    I can get a Geforce 4 MX 64 MB [in know mx isn't as good as ti but anyway] for $40. I know it will be a massive leap up from my current card. My question is, is it worth it for $40? Also, how easy will it be to install it? Any help is apprechiated. BTW, U'm not sure if it matters but I am also...
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    Downloading Problems

    I was downloading a rom it got to 11.9 MB of 11.9 Then for some reason it hung there forever. My connection was lost. I was ablke to recover it from my temporary internet files but it won't play as i figure i missing a few kb. of it. Is there anyway to continue the download where it was [it will...
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    Just out of Curiosity

    Sorry to sound kinda lightknightish but this was bothering me. Well, I was thinking just for the hell of it is it possible to emulate the lock on between S+K and other games? If so how would it be done? This has me wondering.
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    You seen this cool?

    I found this, I think it is real. It's supposedly from an early version of the game when the triforce was obtain able. What do you think? Is it real?
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    I absoluetly loce the new 1964. Except one gripe the sound! No audio plugins are giving me sound. I tried Basic Audio 2.0, as well as a couple of Azimer's. I know Jabo's direct sound doesn't work so i didn't bother. Why is my sound not working, pj64 seems to have sounds with the same plugins...
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    This one's for you cool!

    Coolsiscool wasn't sure if you've done this but I thought you'd like it. It's pretty cool I think
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    Ladies and Gents, The Triforce

    Here is is the triforce in TLOZ:TOOT. Yes this is real. You can not obtain it, only see it. Wanna know how to do it? Go to the oddesy of Hyrule they have it. Anyway its kinda cool BTW here's the link At the bottom under gameshark blow-out go to see the...
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    JFG Problems

    I downloaded the pre-patched version from a reputable site( has a large asian country in the name) and whenever it starts i just get the dextrose logo. It stays there and the fps goes blank and shows --.-- . Whats wrong please help me thanks ps it is in pj64 version 1.5
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    Anything Run WDC

    I know that 1964 and pj64 don't. But does anything even get it to boot. Let-alone run ?? Please help.:D
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    Zelda GFX

    Are there any plugins that will display anything of the file/name select screen. I just get a black screen. After that though everything thing is fine. Is there anyway to display it. Or, is this a known problem w/out a solution.:pj64:
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    Gameshark problems in GE

    Whenever I try to add a gameshark cheat to goldeneye it won't give me the error:cheat added but instead an illigal operation one and shut down pj64. When i re-open it the code isn't added. Any suggestions on how to fix it?