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    Free Programing Resources on the internet

    Pythonic Links Pythonic Graphics (note this is in difficult level fore warned is fore armed) wxPython (a python wrapper for wxwidgets ) Documentation API, wiki, and borks (books really). PyGObject (Python package which provides bindings for GObject based libraries such as GTK, GStreamer...
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    End of Freenode

    In case the curious are here is a perspectous on Fnode's unfathomable fall.
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    Programming Humor Thread

    Similar series of publications ...
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    End of Freenode

    Some of you are aware (likely most don't care) but just for the "record". Freenode (a 2 decade old IRC network) is gone, the operators killed it on 2021-0615. The main server was shut down, all registered users nicks and channels were deleted. Then a "new" IRC network was created and the old...
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    New Forum Software!

    Hmm interesting new SW! And our pics are preserved (as if that were important). It's definitely more colorful. Cyb
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    Dream PI. dream cast online without using dialup

    For those who want to play Quake 3 or PSO ... guess what? you can... online ... This little thing shows you how, now nullDC would be even better if it supported the Dream PI network more people gaming is cool right?
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    Notes about PCSX-R (PCSX reloaded)

    First yes I still play games I bought in 1998, seriously! Playstation games a lot of them are still fun (oddly enough). Ahem PCSX-R never fixed the emulator BIOS issues from PCSX. Some games (in particular FFtactics) will lock when the game save or load state is tried. This is the emuatlor BIOS...
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    Cyb's ... current Dolphin source repository and update information ..

    After a bit of looking I found that dolphin migrated to git hub (as google code shut down): So the git hub location is: Dolphin git hub repository Dolphin announcements appear to be here mostly. Dolphin Emu Org Dolphin binary 'stuff' and official site Dolphin Emulator Cyb
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    PSO Phantasy Star Online (somewhat humorous)

    Some people here (back in the day?) played PSO well ... an animation (to be precise Anime) company has made well THIS. I noticed Anidb doesn't list a plot (I know it's shocking) LOL. Ahem anyhow thought I would post this as I was kind of laughing a bit. I guess some anime companies are now...
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    PCSP downloads?

    I have been looking around for PCSP source downloads. It would seem the authors used file sharing sites exclusively (geneous) and those have mostly been shut down, or the file has been deleted from the site. It would seem silly if they didn't have ANY actual source archive out their. Other than...
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    Warning about memory issues using DDR3 DRAM

    I found this article particularly interesting. It's about an issue called "row hammer" what happens is that frequent or rapid use of a single row can and will disturb adjacent rows data. Thus it corrupts the storage caps with the over use of a single row. This link to an article regarding this...
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    For those who always wanted to have High Rez textures on the PSX guess what?

    A russian programmer (persistance pays off) has a GPU plugin that does JUST that. Link to the interesting. It's mostly in Russian (sorry) but some of it is in english. Appears Xenosaga and several other popular games (Alundra) work. Cyb
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    The Frenetic Four (or 2014 April 1st collection)

    We tend too be busy these days so... I thought I would post a link to save some time :D Honestly how lazyness flies ... err time yes that's time (AHEM) at least spam bots don't outpost the users here (LOL). Cyb
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    Doom Has been ported to everything ... (check this out)

    I was reading up on Sony's pocket station for my own work and found this crazyness. Yes the pocketstation has a DOOM port, granted it's not like the original (you can have color) and it looks like bards tale too me, it's quite funny considering it has 2K of RAM and a 32x32 display. Cyb
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    For those who have Linux try PCSX-R

    I found this project and did a quick install. Works right out of the box. At least with Koudelka FF7 FF8 and FF9 Interestingly enough it has 64bit extensions as well as the standard 32bit DREC. They used Ajunta as the IDE however I had difficulty browsing the source through it, I couldn't...