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End of Freenode


Some of you are aware (likely most don't care) but just for the "record".
Freenode (a 2 decade old IRC network) is gone, the operators killed it on 2021-0615.
The main server was shut down, all registered users nicks and channels were deleted. Then a "new" IRC network was created and the old servers (without any channels nicks etc) restarted. So I guess one heck of a netsplit?
What proceeded this was an unprecedented case of madness that reads like a something you would hear from California (odd fact the only people doing crazy stuff were in California ... huh).
Anyhow Fnode is now dead from self inflicted destruction. At that time freenode still had 26000 (down from 300000+ on 2021-0519, when madness exploded into the world of Open Source).
I can't say "long live IRC" but this is why Open Source and "entrepreneurial" spirits can create disastrous results.
I'm sure people have opinions, but reality is often more than our personal experience. A lot was going on with Freenode, and it's sad that someone who wanted to "promote" Freenode, worked very hard at destroying it.
OFTC and Libera.chat took up most of what was Freenode. FSF and FOSS (IE open source) all officially moved to Libera.chat. Debian was on OFTC since the 2017 invasion (what preceded this newer disaster).