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Notes about PCSX-R (PCSX reloaded)


First yes I still play games I bought in 1998, seriously!
Playstation games a lot of them are still fun (oddly enough).
PCSX-R never fixed the emulator BIOS issues from PCSX. Some games (in particular FFtactics) will lock when the game save or load state is tried.
This is the emuatlor BIOS causing the issue.
The code in the BIOS emulation is ummm interesting? It is also difficult to follow. I did make an attempt to correct this bug but as you might guess I have lots of time on my hands (my feet my face etc).

You'll note the dripping sarcasm their about time. I barely have time to see the doctor these days. I digress of course.
Be wary of using the emulator BIOS if you get a lock up in particular the LOAD SAVE features of a game. Most anything else works (as the BIOS functions other than the memory card routines are well defined).