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    Nightmare Creatures

    I have recently Finished playing Both the N64 and PSX versions of Nightmare Creatures and was a little Suprised to say the least when it came to the Sewer Snake Level and the Monsters Fire :huh: Does anyone have this Game on the Console who could Check if the Three Headed Snakes Fire on the...
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    Hybrid Heaven Save Needed

    I just do not have the time for this but always wanted to achieve it never the less. so what i am asking is if someone could play this game and to do the following Procedure for me: Begin a game with the screen resolution set at high resolution letterbox. Use every save point during game play...
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    Strange that the only Visual Help site isnt on the Short Bar?

    why isnt Emutastic (being the only Visual Help Site made specifically for Emutalk Members) on the Short Bar ? I know its there in the Drop Down Box as a News Site but its so much more then just news :)
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    Border Down and Ikaruga Control Pad Problems

    Both these games either in a Combined or single state have no directional Control through axis or pov with a game pad but do with a keyboard. please see my original Post Here is it an input bug ? as i have the latest drivers and am on dx9 and all other games i have tried and played work fine...