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Border Down and Ikaruga Control Pad Problems


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Both these games either in a Combined or single state have no directional Control through axis or pov with a game pad but do with a keyboard.

please see my original Post Here

is it an input bug ? as i have the latest drivers and am on dx9 and all other games i have tried and played work fine with my pad...

if anyone has found games that are the same no direction through stick or Dpad but work find with keyboard list them here.

Games that dont have direction Function on Game Pads but do on Keyboard:

Border Down and Ikaruga Combined cdi
Border Down
Ikaruga cdi


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i think there's a problem with DI manager, that doesn't allows to configure an analog or directional pad of a joystick as DC d-pad.

I've the same problem, only can associate gamepad analog with DC analog, but i can't configure my gamepad directional. (I'm using a PS2 pad). So i think it's a problem of DirectInput.