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December 29th, 2005, 11:46
AFAIK this ROM is not supported neither by Djipi's nor Federelli's pack. I know the MQ roms with the famous good name symbol [!] would work, in fact I have them and they indeed work, but why MQ (E) [h1c] is so important? We have to first consider this:

Our general policy is not to support (or include in RDB) anything other than [!] verified ReDumps. However, we made an exception for Master Quest, as I will explain. The ROM (at least the one on the GC bonus disc in Europe) was marked as PAL by Nintendo ("P" in the header) but their emulator on the GameCube ignored this and ran it at 60VIs. The first and most common Master Quest ROM released is (now known as) "Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (E) [h1C]". This hack changed the P to an E (USA) so it would also run at 60 - the correct speed - in e.g. PJ64. Therefore you could say the error here was in the original ROM by Nintendo. The [F1] ROM i believe was a fix that also works on the real N64 (by having the CRCs recalculated), and again this ROM also runs correctly in PJ64, and therefore is also included in the RDB. You can use the [h1C] ROM or [F1] ROM or (U) [!] ROM, all should run equally fine AFAIK. We would not recommend (in this one special case) patching the hacked ROMs back to [!] status as they would then run too slow and also sound bad.

The situation is still not clear as of the release of this beta RDB, and we hope to update with a final answer soon. A reminder not to ask us where to get ROMs.

This was taken from the latest Project 64 FAQ updated on November. You can download it here:


So in sinthesis, the [h1c] ROM, even when it's not "good" according to GoodN64 (according to Smiff, GoodN64 needs to be updated anyway) it runs faster, smoother and better than the [!] ones.
So it's possible for this ROM to be supported for using the texture packs? I don't know anything about retexturing stuff, and I know it's a heavy and a hard work. It would take too many time to adapt the original texture packs to this ROM, if someone wish to do it is ok, but isn't there a way to patch the ROM and make able to load the texture without losing the performance that this hacked ROM offers? Or any other solution?

December 29th, 2005, 12:24
This ROM has the internal name of the game changed and the region set to USA. The packs might work with this ROM if you rename the folder where the pack is to "ZELDA MASTER QUEST" (it is named "The Legend of Zelda" for the other Ocarina of Time versions). You can also use the [f1] ROM since it behaves the same. :)

December 29th, 2005, 20:29
I forgot to tell that I tried that (rename the texture folder) and it didn't work.The [f1] ROM doesn't work either :(

December 29th, 2005, 20:32
Well I don't know about Djipi's pack but Federeli's pack should work for at least one of these ROMs. :huh:

December 29th, 2005, 20:39
I should imagine that renaming the folder and all the textures so that they start with 'ZELDA MASTER QUEST' would work. You could do this quickly with Command Prompt.

legend of zelda
December 31st, 2005, 10:26
Clements, how exactly would i rename all the textures quickly with command prompt. I haven't used the command prompt since back in the Windows 3.1 days. I don't even remember how to to use it anymore.

December 31st, 2005, 11:39
You could use "File Renamer Basic"


legend of zelda
December 31st, 2005, 11:59
Thanks, snesmaster40, i'm renaming fed's pack right now. Then i'll test them out, and if they work i'll post them.

legend of zelda
December 31st, 2005, 13:26
Ok, i renamed and tested everything, and it seems to be working fine. Thanks for the great idea Clements, you're a genious. i have to upload the files now (that could take awhile). It might be missing some textures though, but i'm not sure. I downloaded fed's pack .20 and it didn't have the mq logo in it, so i had to find it in the thread, so it might be missing some newer ones. After i upload the files i'll post 'em in a new thread.

January 8th, 2006, 01:40
Sorry for bumping an old topic, but couldn't you just change the internal name with a hex editor?

legend of zelda
January 8th, 2006, 05:24
Yeah i was fooling around with that the other day and i changed the internal name, but when i played the game there was this glitch at the main menu. It was probably because i didn't do it right. The internal name was changed to THE LEGEND OF ZELDA though.

November 8th, 2006, 05:01
I wanted to let you know that changing the hex does work.

First, my rom ended in .v64, so I couldnt easily hex edit it directly. I used Tool64 to convert the rom from byteswapped to BigEndian. File name was changed to .z64.

I opened the new .z64 file in Hackman (a free Hex Editor that can handle large files) and changed ZELDA MASTER QUEST to THE LEGEND OF ZELDA.

Now my Ocarina and Ocarina Master Quest roms can both use the same "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA" folder for their hi-res textures.


Thanks to all for their hard work on these textures!

November 11th, 2006, 05:54
I have hackman, where exactly do you change the internal name of the game? Or do I have to know hex to do this?

November 17th, 2006, 23:20
Yes, but you have now gone and broken your save games as the Master quest save is slightly different to the OoT save. you usually get glitches in certain spots