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Zilmar Spec 2.0?


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Why not? I mean, from the sound of the boards, it seems everyone is modifying it, so why not just make a official 2.0 version with all the specs up to how authors see it best fit. Azi is modifying his, uhle2 is modifying the gfx (x-engine) and controllers can be somewhat hooked up i guess. Just a question, no offense intended.


They probably won't be called zilmar spec anymore.
I'm sure the audio spec will be called azimer spec or something to the effect of that. The ultrahle spec could be just about anything...


What's that...?
what exactly is a spec? i mean, what does one have to do to make a plugin zilmar spec? does it need special code, have to be programmed in a certain manner? i would really appreciate a response from somone who has actually written a zilmar spec plugin, or any auther who could provide an anwer, thanks alot guys!


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the way its done, the code structure. The good part comes in with the easy interchangeable dll plugins. Thats why you can use jabos code on 1964


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my understanding is zilmar originaly wrote the specs to have a common format, pj64 used it but since it was not publicly known about the time he released them. Martin called them zilmar specs cause they were made by him. They could have just as well been pj64 specs .. or anything really .. But with out zilmar around I guess any one could change them .. but it would be good to make sure it is easily accessable. There is a version number to identify how to handle different variation. As long as no two people changed them and both claimed the same version type then it would be sweet .. tho you break all backwards compatibility changing the spec and verison number. So it has to be a change worth it.


i think many have agreed that new specs are a good idea and somewhat inevitable, but what do i know, i'm just a n00b.

if there is a new spec though, it'd be cool to have it linked to in the ini, so that diff roms can load diff plugins and change their settings automatically.

what do i know though, i'm just the aforementioned n00b.