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Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass


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Nice, but i won't be pleased if this comes out before twilight princess, I want that so much more.


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I only have the DS with MarioKartDS. Ok, not much mony spent on it (also counting it was a pack).

The thing is when they release GAMES like: Animal Crossing (yes, :blush: what's up), TetrisDS, PES DS, Zelda DS, ...

They'll left me with no money :(

BTW: the video is VERY impressive


I can't seem to find much info about the game - not even on ninty's homepage. Weirdness overwhelming? I haven't heard of this game before now 'til I found it in lik-sang news.


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I live in a love-hate relationship with this game, i love it because it is not a OoT remake and the uses for the touchscreen (map notes and all) are awesome, but i hate the top down view, we had Rayman and Tak that have the camera behind the character, so the DS hardware could pull it off, i´ll have faith on Nintendo to put up a good show with this one and hope we get more original Zelda games on DS.


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some may look at it akwardly due to the obvious heavy reliance on the touch screen.

I just realized it now, yes i´m dumb, Link will seems to be controlled only through the touch screen, the fairy looks to be the stylus marker on screen and even sword slashing seem to be stylus related if you look the octopus fight you will notice it.