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Zelda Majora's Mask - Cheat :| Don't Work !


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I don't know whi but some codes for MM Game Shark codes , don't work , for example " all the mask " i have only one part of masks but not all ! any suggestion ?
Project 64 the cheat work perfetct but i have the save in the 1964 emu. , some one can help me ?
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Rightclick MM in PJ64 and select "Edit Cheats".
Than rightclick "All Masks", select "Edit" and copy the displayed code.
Now open MM in 1964 and go to:"Edit/Cheat Codes"
Select "Have All Masks" and rename it( like for example "Have All Masks PJ").
The erase the code bellow and paste the new one.
Click on the "Add/Modify" butten and then activate the code.
That's it.