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Zelda Majora´s Mask


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Hello! I´m from Colombia. I don´t speak english. I´m new in this. I need some help about Zelda MoM, i have a problem with the rom "Legend of zelda 2 - Majora´s Mask (E) [!], when i tried open the rom in the Nemu, it freeze my computer when began the nemulation, in the daedalus don´t happen this, why, minimun requirements for run this game in Nemu??.

Plz, help me, i want play this game thanks.


What's that...?
im not really sure about the game, but if u don't speak english, how did u post in perfect english, no translator will do that good!


turn on the new combine.. fixes some of the gfx things, or its your video card and/or drivers

nemu doesn't support flashram so you can't save


Nemu DO have a lot of problems emulating it!
The graphics are OK, I guess. But when being hit by an enemy, you die! At least I did.