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Zelda Four Swords / Green Screen?


Help, Im trying to get 4swords to work, first I just got "Booting" for like ever, I fixed that by making a folder called "Plugins" in the dolphin directory and put all the directx dll's, the dolphin dll pack and a whole bunch of other files I now realize arent needed at all.(should learn to re-try the program after every change, idiot) Now the plugins show up and when I load the game it says "failed to load "ansi_font.bin", and also failed to load "sjis_font.bin" BUT the game then does load, The startup screen and menus run at 20-40 fps and after I set up the game menus and start it then runs between 5-25 fps yeah, me so happy,..... Then, nightmare all over again, just before the part where you actually play it goes to the solid green screen of death(still says 8 fps) and I get no zelda at all. I am using the dynarec option, and have toyed with what seems to be all the options now. Is there a way to make it work? Is this game even playable with Dolphin?


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No, it doesn't work, it freezes in the green screen. It doesn't work in this version, i mean, it's "PLAYABLE" if you consider to get to the menu. Welcome, remember to read the rules and use the search button :bouncy:


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sniper101 said:
thank you very much, saved me hours of madness, do you know if Zelda WindWaker works?

Yes windwaker boots and goes ingame but its slow and when you get an item in your inventory it will hang ;)


thanks for tellin me about windwaker, I also really do appreciate all the long hours people have poured into gamecube emulation and Im sure they're way more frustrated than I about games not working better. I guess I can only say thankyou and wait for the day the games do run perfectly. Its just a relief to know that someone somewhere is working on programs and ways to preserve the gamecube games we love. Cause if you think about it, its hard to find old sega and nintendo games and even harder to find really old computer games so I like to think that 20 years from now when I want to play games that have long been out of the mainstream that I can just turn to programs like dolphin to bring back my early favorites. Hopefully all my game backups will still be readable by then though eh?


Yes, unless you want to play them now, you'll have to get a cube, but in years to come I guess the emulation will be good enough to play gc games.