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zaba is not a noob

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zaba_3 said:
is this only thing what you can say?you dont even know what is n00b and my avatar is crappy so.. i dont care, like you!and what about my posts im not saying im not n00b because i have 206 posts.ok im very newbie on emu-scene but that doesnt mean im n00b.i know lot of things about emulation.do you think you are king of the world because you are been ET member 2 years and live in scotland and speak good english and you are older that i?if you think like it you are only king of the toilet!
i dont ask where to get roms or etc like noobs ask.on some thing im noob example on c++.but not on emulation.do you think you are not n00b because you have lot of posts and have crappy avatar.like i said i dont have time to talk with noobs.bye

im n00b!!1

Loololololololol , STfu n00000b b000n kiddy . UrTeH SuX . Meh iS TeH RoXX0r Omg !
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