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Z64 - a LLE graphics plugin


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Ahn, sorry, but when it crashes I didn't receive what exactly crashed, I just received a Windows warning saying that the program stopped working and that it would be closed, but I presume it was because of the z64 plugin

I tried to just change the force_swap to 1 on local settings of rogue squadron but it kept crashing on the same place, but then I tried to change on the global settings like you said and it worked! thaaaaaanksssssss : DDDD

lol it runs much slower than WDC and SR64 haha, anyone knows if there is a specific setting to achieve the maximum speed possible (not just for Rogue Squadron, but in general)? I'm using the following:

CPU core style: Interpreter
Self-modifying code Method: Protect Memory
Memory Size: 8 MB
Advance Block Linking: Default
Counter Factor: 2 (I tried with 4 but it skips a lot of frames, making it difficulty to control)
"Register cashing" and "Use TLB" checked, the other CheckBoxes aren't checked

I'm using Jabo's DirectSound 1.6.1, and it seems that with Azimer's v0.30 it runs slower on this game

The global z64gl.conf's settings are as following:
hires_fb = 1
force_swap = 1
no_npot_fbos = 0
fb_info = 0
lowres = 0
threaded = 1
async = 1
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There seems to be a bug with this plugin in Pj64 1.7 and 2.0

its likely a bug in the emulator itself.... but the conf file is searched for in screenshots\plugin instead of just \plugin


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Is this plugin still supported? I tried to use it to run Turok 2 since apparently it is the only video plugin right that which can correctly emulate its dynamic light effects (lense flare, flashlights). The game runs at a good speed, but I can't get sound to play correctly. Is this plugin supposed to be paired with a certain audio plugin? I'm using Project64 1.6.