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you probably had to be there... (a *badly* aimed slapping)


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(the pj64 site is down, someone demands file be sent to him)

log from another channel, use your imagination to read what's happening in #pj64

<Smiff|slp> do you think the guy in #pj64 could have asked nicer
<Smiff|slp> i do
<RedMage> too much confusion though... sigh
* RedMage is now known as SirRadeon
<Gent|Aw> yea just saw that ...
<SirRadeon> i sent some guy to your site last night smiff
<Gent|Aw> suprised he didnt bloody !list /
<Smiff|slp> that'll show him
<SirRadeon> !list
<SirRadeon> :p
<Smiff|slp> a surprise slapping! aha!
<Smiff|slp> witness the cruelty
<Gent|Aw> to yourself ? lol
<Smiff|slp> oh shit i got myself
<Smiff|slp> DAMN lol
<SirRadeon> LOL
<Gent|Aw> roflmao
<Smiff|slp> that rather spoilt the surprise
<Gent|Aw> feking suprised me lol
* Smiff|slp commapses on the floor in giggles
<Smiff|slp> collapses
<Smiff|slp> lolol
<Smiff|slp> i meant to slap *him* dammit
<Smiff|slp> oh well probably best to not say anything now
<Smiff|slp> itll just make it worse
<Gent|Aw> hahahaha
<Smiff|slp> :/
<Gent|Aw> yea i think so
<Gent|Aw> lol

even if that's not funny, i want it preserved for our own amusement
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