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Yoshis Story and Project64


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I was wondering what it means by "Missing graphics" "Requires vidio plugin" And where I may find one? I cannot play Yoshi's story, (It could be a faulty game but its the only one i could find so meh) I tried everything but it doesnt seem to work.. any ideas?


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something which is more strange, si why I don't have all levels in yoshi's story...the rom is 9,4 mb zipped, but it has been "fixed" - a bad rom but I added a patch to it worked.
but why is there 4 levels on 1st page, 2 levels on 2nd and 3rd page and only one level on page 4 and 5?


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uh...am not sure. don't really think so. what happens if you don't get all hearts on one level?

the strange thing is:

on 1st page, I can choose between 4 levells. I choose number 1.
I collect enough fruits, and can't remember if I find all eharts or not.

but already after finishing this level, the game jumps over to page 2. It's long tme ago since I played this, but wasn't the deal to doing all levels in a page BEFORE the page turned?

And so it went, I only played one level on each page...and the game was finished after 20 minutes:cry:

is 10mb right for the rom? how can I know if all hearts on a level is collected?


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If I remember correctly, there are three giant red hearts per level to collect. Collect none, and on the next world you'll only have access to one level. Collect all three to have access to all the levels in the next world.

You can complete the game very quickly, but to get 30 pale melons on every level is a feat :)