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Yabause 0.9.5 Released


Category: <b>Saturn</b><br><br>
- Added 1010 and 1111 line emulator support.

cd block:
- Reworked bin/cue support. Reading should be a lot more accurate now on tracks 2 and greater.

emulated bios:
- Fixed a bug in BupGetDate year calculation.
- Fixed a bug where interrupt mask wasn't being set correctly when using emulated bios.

- Added support for SMPC NMIREQ command.
- Added reset button emulation.

software video core:
- Improved software renderer: window, line scroll, mosaic are now available and color offset and scroll screen has been fixed.

gtk port:
- Tagged most of gtk port strings to be translatable.

qt port:
- Added ability to specify address where binaries are loaded when using command line.
- Other bug fixes.

wii port:
- Added support for bios and game loading from sd card.
- Added sound support.
- Added usb keyboard support.

windows port:
- Added pause emulation function.
- Other bug fixes.

dreamcast port:
- Rewrote all of the Dreamcast CD Interface in hand-optimized assembly.
- Enabled use of the emulated bios if there is no saturn.bin on the CD.

- Updated peripheral interface so both ports can now be used and multiple pads can now be connected to each port.
- Added translation support through mini18n library.

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