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Xmas Nights (JAP) and Sonic R (USA) on Satourne


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I got Satourne 1.1 to work, but I have problems with Sonic R (USA) and Xmas Nights (JAP).

When I try Sonic R, I can get in-game, but the 3D is missing in the menus and everything is crapped in-game. (Crap in the background, can't see the roads, ect...)

In Xmas Nights, I get to the screen to set the time and when I entered the time and press the OK button, the screen fades out as it should, but ity stays black forever!

I have to mount the ISO in Deamon Tools, because I don't see a option to mount them in the CD-block plugin.


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you can't do anything about Sonic R because it's (sadly) not working yet. The only options would be playing it on a real Saturn or using the PC version. Don't have Xmas Nights or the regular Nights (yet), so I can't help you there...