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Xbox 360 Guide button?


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I'm attempting to use the Xbox 360 guide button to issue an "esc" keypress so that I may exit mame by pressing the xbox 360 guide key. I'm using Windows.

I'm using pinumbernumber's app, seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/1goval/any_way_to_map_the_middle_xbox_360_button/camujj7

Apparently I'm the only idiot that can't get it to work. Anyone have any experience with this?

Here's what's happening for me:
  1. I start button_on_xbox_360_guide.exe
  2. I press my xbox 360 guide button.
  3. The app sees my button press.
  4. I test the button press with another app, such as bringing up a "save as" window in notepad. I press the xbox 360 guide button, and it correctly issues an "esc" command to cancel the window.
  5. I open mame.
  6. I press "esc" on my keyboard and mame exits
  7. I open mame.
  8. I press the guide button on my xbox 360 controller. Nothing happens.

I've attempted changing the hotkey that the xbox 360 guide button sends. Again, the button works in every app I test, except for mame.

Interestingly, if i change the hotkey to a letter, and then open mame.exe (without a rom) pressing the guide button will type in mame's rom search bar. However, if I attempt to customize inputs by selecting an input function, hitting enter (so that you can type the new input), and then pressing the guide button, nothing gets typed. So it's like mame can see the key press in some states of the mame app, but ignores it in others.

Other things I've tried:
  • both v6 and v5 of button_on_xbox_360_guide.exe
  • this whole setup on windows 8.1 with mame v0.174, mame v0.164, mame v0.136
  • this whole setup on windows 7 ultimate with mame v0.174
  • this whole setup on windows 8.1 with RetroArch

Any ideas?!