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X360: Joytech Media Remote



Whilst it’s a video-gaming machine at heart, there is so much more to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 machine than first meets the eye. If you’re not in the mood to play a game, the Xbox 360 will quite happily entertain you by playing a DVD, streaming some music or even starting a photo gallery in beautiful Hi Definition. Trying to navigate through these extra features with the 360’s wireless control pad is far from ideal, however.

Whilst not so much of a problem for the early Xbox 360 adopters, who were treated to a limited edition media remote control bundled inside their box, anyone who has bought a machine since then would have to struggle with the control pad. That is until now – cue Joytech who have introduced their Media Remote, the perfect solution for arguably the perfect entertainment centre, the Xbox 360.

The first thing to note about the Joytech Media Remote is it’s superb value for money. At half the cost of the official remote control, Joytech’s alternative is instantly appealing, and despite the low cost the quality remains high, as we’ve come to expect from the hardware manufacturer.

It binds with your Xbox 360 effortlessly, and so it is pretty much useable straight from the packet. The buttons are all clearly laid out so that even the least technically minded person that you know would still be able to find what scene or chapter of a DVD they wanted to watch, instantly and easily.

The Joytech Media Remote is compatible with not only DVD, Photo and Music Playback, but also the 360’s Dashboard itself. This will save you switching from control pad to Media Remote every time you want to see who’s online on your Friends List, whilst watching a DVD, for example.

If you use your Xbox 360 for more than just gaming, then Joytech’s Media Remote is a natural purchase. It’s budget price means that everyone can afford to have one sitting next to their console, yet it’s high quality ensures that you’ll never need to buy another remote control for your console again.

The Joytech Media Remote is available from retailers now, priced around £10.

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You´re stealing their Bandwidth, dude!


And I know it's not the most interesting of reviews, but they were kind enough to send me one so I thought I'd review it. :)


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Jaz a question for you. Is the Xbox 360 much better graphics wise than a ps2 or original xbox? So for instance if you played your original xbox side by side with your xbox 360 would you be able to tell the difference?

I want to buy one but if it's not far superior than the ps2 or xbox i don't think i would buy one.

Edit : Sorry for posting this on your review but as im not a mod i couldn't start my own thread in here! And i know you are in this section alot!