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Writing an OpenGL N64 GFX plugin...having trouble with PJ64...


I'd say you have a pretty nice start on it so far ;). If you ever need help, feel free to ask me some questions. (I am the author of Glide64)


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Glide64? whats that?? dave2001?!? are you the same dave from final burn? can you give me links to R0mZ?


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what a funny man this Ogy is! oh btw may i please have your final burn beta dave? I know you're hidin it somewhere! ohg please please please please please!! I"LL EVEN LICK YOUR SHOES! :plain: :plain2: :!!!: :angry:


DK64 said:
look'n good, get on IRC and u can start sorting out hosting ;)

btw, where did u find ur info on the RCP?
No need to search for a host.
I know a place which could host it. This place hosts me and dave as well.
If you wanna know, it's: EmuXHaven (http://www.emuxhaven.net). Also on IRC, EFNet and NewNet (#emuxhaven).


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mesman00 said:
hey doom, what program are u the author of? can i get a link to ur site, thanks

The Emuation Utility: A great utility that can help you out with sorting and stuff with your roms. It can even tell which emulator supports which game! It can search, zip/unzip roms, etc, and much more! Wanna get it? Get it here !


any INI could tell you what works, and there are many programs to compress and decompress files.. i really see no need for any user with half a brain to use it.


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nice small program, i just took a look at the source, written in vb, nice. i didn't know vb was really used at all in the emulation scene.


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im fully aware of what i could do, but lets face it, its not as powerful as c++. personally, i like c++ much more. anyways, lets get back on topic.


Hi all,

Been awhile but I am working on TR64ogl plugin again. LOL. Just can't seem to let it die in peace.


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great news Ice and fantastic to see you


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Hey Gent sorry to go off-topic but what "Is quisnam rideo risi risum permaneo did non adepto iocus" (in your sig) means?


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He who laughs last did not get the joke?

Thanks icepir8! I tried google translator but it wasn't exactly spot on.
"BTW" keep up the good work on the plugin:)

p.s Gent that's a cleverly sarcastic smart and amusing quot .... that I heard before. Putting it in Latin though was a great move it gave it a completely different spin.:D