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Write a Gamecube Emulator


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Ok. Now I want to write a Gamecube Emulator. If anyone knows of a tutorial or something helpful, please reply. Also, if you can find the source code for the latest Dolphin Emulator, that be ok too, but I only need it as a prototype for a emulator.


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There are a lot of Open Source GameCube Emus, for example GCEmu, GCube or dolwin. So if you need source, take that as an example.
You won't see the source of Dolphin in the near future.
And 0r9, the author of dolwin wrote a really great and detailed description of the GameCube architecture. I would start with that.


I suggest you crawl before you walk. See the stickies at the top of the forum for simple archetectures. GB and Chip 8 do these first. If you are new to programming I suggest you began learning a programming language that you can use for the emulator check this thread for Free resources.