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WOW Final Fantasy 7 and 8


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Are both incredible, i heard both OST's, and i almost cried of nostalgia :-( i want to beat it again! btw epsxe ff7 looks 100000 better than pc ff7


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hehe epsxe still has graphic glitches with FF7 but nothing major,

Aeris' theme does bring back memories though.

the only thing that pissed me off was getting a Golden Chocobo for beating Ruby Weapon when you needed a Golden Chocobo to get Knights of the Round to kill Ruby Weapon


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The only think better about PSX FF7 is the CG Animation. Thats only becasue square ported the PC version from the PSX and it has resolution limitations. Notice how FF8 for PC is all better than PSX. Thats because the re-developed the CG Animation for PC.

BTW Blizz, why didn't you just breed a golden chocobo.


Ahh da good ol days.. I need to get the PC version of FF8 and see if I can get it to work under linux ;)

I saw the promo's for FF10 the graphics look pretty good.. I hope the story is better though.. FF9 story wise.. pissed me off. FF8 and FF7 had a heck of a lot better story line IMHO. I like games with good story lines :)

Dragon Warrior VII for example has crappy graphics .. but it's a lot of fun trying to follow the story! :)