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Windows Search 4.0


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I just saw this as optional in Windows Update (XP) so installed it. So my questions are? does it have any impact on performance? how much space in the HDD takes the index? Any tips about it?


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I installed it and didn't like it (Windows search in 2000 and XP blows already, this makes it worse IMO). It is now uninstalled. (It made a search bar appear in the start bar as a toolbar, it runs as its own process instead of integrating into explorer and just hiding itself there until you search, blah blah blah) I suppose if you're really forgetful and want your Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other such files indexed for searching on content, it might be worth your while.


Problem is that the search isn't very reliable. Windows is poor on keeping the search up-to-date and give accurate results.
Further it replaces regular search with the index-based search. So if you want the regular search, you have to click on the search companion.
It's not worth it, in my opinion.

At least this is how it was last time I checked Windows Search for XP.


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Alright, after reading your opinions and tested it myself for a couple of days, I uninstalled it. Thanks for the posts guys