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Will not take screens


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When I press F3 a window pops up and says PROJECT64_.EXE will now close. If this continues, try restarting your computer. Now When I look in the screens folder, they are in jpeg format and when my computer opens them, there is nothing there.


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Funny, when I press F3, the generated shot is in .bmp format. Are you using 1.6?


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Might be a graphics plugin problem. Jabo's plugins ought to work with the screenshot function.


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I had this happen to me before. The problem was that I was set to 16-bit color mode. It crashes when using Jabo and your display is set to 16-bit color mode. Use 32-bit mode instead.
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Just use the stupid print-screen button and paste it into paint. Jeez.


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But using the print screen button wastes paper and I don't have a scanner... AMIRIGHT? :D