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Wild Riders very slow?


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Is there any particular reason why this game is so demanding? It's even more demanding than some Hikaru games at certain points


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because of DrawCalls limits, not sure if it means something to you
and its not only Wild Riders, Club Kart or Virtua Striker 3 have same heavy moments as well.
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don't have any problem running virtua striker 3 at fullspeed, but i do have problems with certain stages of club kart, like the first one slowing down at some parts.

But in wildriders its pretty noticeable.
I dunno if it dotes something to do with my gpu, but it seems that a i5 2500k at 4 ghz isnt enough to run it at fullspeed.


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Since i upgrade my GPU(Which is the GTX 950)i don't have this kind of problem anymore. Upgrade your GPU and it really did the trick. Club kart runs smooth without problems. Hikaru emulation runs well with minor hiccups sine each time i started playing for the first time. The games won't hiccup anymore unless you play it longer. I did experience a tad slowdown on NASCAR Arcade when i choose the watkins glen track, it starts to slow down(With the New DX11 GPU) somewhat in the mid 50's when you in the first person view which is very noticeable. For some reason, i previously had 8 GB of ram and i upgraded my RAM and the game no longer slows down.

PC Specs
I5-4670k,3.4 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 2GB
G Skill Ripjaws 16 GB

The reason i posted my Specs because so that i can give you a good example of my specs for those who want to upgrade without any trouble. But you don't need the same specs i have. Just something that can perform well.
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