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Wii extracting


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Okay, let's try again:

Quite some time ago, I did some Gamecube ROM extracting, mostly Mario Sunshine.
I just got a Wii and thought I'd try extracting Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, etc.
I did my dumps myself (GDR-8162B using RawDump 2.0) and tested them in Dolphin: they work so I assume they are proper dumps.

However, when I try to extract the ROMs using WiiSO, all I get is errors:
- New SMB Wii says "this is not a Wii game"
- Mario Kart Wii/Mario Galaxy/Wario Land:Shake It say "Disc seems to be encrypted (or invalid)"

I know brubo was able to extract the Galaxy files from this thread: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=43273
The readme file for WiiTools says WiiEd needs the key.bin file, but does not say WiiSO needs it. I have a key.bin file (not extracted myself) but it seems it doesn't work.
I extracted keys.bin from my Wii but instead of 16 bytes like key.bin this file is 1024 bytes. Renaming it to key.bin

Do I need to use WiiEd before using WiiSO? If so, that is giving me errors as well:
"The program can not be started because the configuration next to eachother is invalid. Consult the event log Program or use the command prompt program sxstrace.exe for more information"
If this sounds strange, that's because I translated it to English but it's strange in my native language as well.

Anyone who knows more about how to do this?


Just a note: key.bin (Sometimes referred to as masterkey.bin) is 16 bytes. Something likely went wrong when you extracted your own.

I don't know if you will check this thread again, but I'll have a look through my external HDD when I get home. It should have the tool I found for taking SMG apart.


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@Phazonaddict: I hadn't checked this thread in a while, but I'll have a look at WiiScrubber and see what happens. If there are any other programs, please let me know :)
I'll post my progress here later today.

I tried WiiScrubber on Kirby's Epic Yarn and was able to extract everything just fine. Strange that the PAL disc also has Japanese and American audio tracks on it!
I'll try SMG and Mario Kart later on, but I'm sure it's working fine now :) Thanks a lot!
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