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Wierd Mario Tennis problem


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Whilst using the latest plugin in OpenGL mode... this is the title screen (and bear in mind this is the U rom). Going to assume this is a similar issue to the name input screen on one of the Zeldas?


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This shouldn't be a bug. I guess you can use other "Frame update at" setting to avoid it.

Yes, this is U roms. This Japanese screen is drawn and then covered by English screen. I don't know why it is happening to you, not to me here.


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Tried all the frame update at settings, even changed combiners etc. I reiterate this only happens using GL, and is not really a major issue. Just thought I would point it out.


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Confirmed on my Radeon 9600. Does not happen on my work box using a GF4 MX200.

Seems to be a Nvidia VS ATI issue. From what I have seen it does look to be with either ATI cards in general (Radeon series so far) or ATI driver issues? Everyone posting problems has a Radeon of some sort.
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