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why the patient must not control the meds....


evil *******
[21:50] <Rjx`> good afternoon
[21:51] <Rjx`> it's strange
[21:51] <Rjx`> we say good afternoon, good morning, good evening
[21:51] <Rjx`> wouldn't a simple 'good life' cover us in all situations?
[21:51] <Rjx`> we'd only have to say it once every 70 years or so
[21:52] <passive> I think you took too many meds today rjx
[21:52] <Rjx`> predictable
[21:52] <t0rek> lol
[21:52] <passive> people talk for the sake of talking
[21:52] <Rjx`> i picked up the doors of perception today
[21:52] <Rjx`> arguably huxley's finest work
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[21:53] <Rjx`> for the first time post-psychosis
[21:53] <Rjx`> and his words made perfect sense
[21:53] <Rjx`> complete lucidity
[21:53] <Rjx`> prelude to enlightenment, it might seem
[21:54] <passive> or delusion
[21:54] <Rjx`> we think we created the introduction and epilogue, but really they are mirrors of a wider foundation
[21:54] <Rjx`> from the tiniest particle to the biggest construction
[21:54] <Rjx`> the echoes are always clear
[21:54] <Rjx`> a sign for those who open their mind, and close their eyes
[21:55] <Rjx`> deusphrenia
[21:55] <Rjx`> the god-mind
[21:56] <Rjx`> think of a staircase of mirrors perhaps
[21:56] <Rjx`> if the image eludes you
[21:56] <Rjx`> picture the descending spirals, but the difference is that the ends meet
[21:56] <Rjx`> there is neither descending nor ascending
[21:57] <Rjx`> just parrallel
[21:57] <Rjx`> but every step is a reflection, an echo
[21:57] <Rjx`> of great design
[21:58] <passive> and once again rjx has made my point
[21:58] <passive> he's taken too many meds
[21:58] <passive> or, alternatively, too few
[21:58] <Rjx`> a little of both
[21:58] <Rjx`> too few of the kind people would have me take
[21:58] <Rjx`> and man of the kind they would have me not
[21:58] <Rjx`> *many
[21:59] <passive> heh
[21:59] <Rjx`> we cling to the floor because we're afraid, that's the truth
[21:59] <Rjx`> afraid of unison, afraid of one day making sense of it all
[21:59] <Rjx`> and getting back up onto the table, complete once again
[21:59] <passive> you know rjx, I'm sure this all makes perfect sense to you at the moment, but you're talking jibberish
[22:00] <Rjx`> many would say that each piece is insignificant, but the truth is quite the opposite
[22:00] <Rjx`> infinite significance would be an apt phrase if infinity could exist
[22:00] <Rjx`> but for infinity to exist, boundaries must be defined
[22:00] <Rjx`> boundaries are what we must contemplate, not the opposite
[22:01] <Rjx`> each piece is the whole, and the whole is each piece, one circle of consciousness


less evil admin ;)
the only response i have for this is the same response i had when i saw it happening in irc.

What the hell?


less evil admin ;)
[22:04] <Rjx`> nietzche described a sensation in nausea
[22:04] <Rjx`> a sickness caused by reality itself
[22:04] <Rjx`> and an inability to percieve the balance
[22:04] <Rjx`> (reflected in the ears)
[22:04] <Rjx`> grab a copy of nausea
[22:04] <Rjx`> and have a look
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[22:09] <Rjx`> you can use the other diagnosis manual too if you like
[22:09] <Rjx`> i struggle to remember the name
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[22:09] <Rjx`> by any measure of mental illness, i don't fit the mould

thought maybe he was done....oh no, he's crazy forever.