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who can tell me the clearest solution of "Gekko Cpu Registers "wrong

who can tell me please.............:(

i have read this

I follow all the steps, but I only get the gekko error! Can somebody help me?

Start > Run > regedit.Find and delete Dolwin Registry,then download Dolwin 0.10 bin,source,patch and map again.I hope it will work.

but the problem still there

who can tell me what means this"download Dolwin 0.10 bin,source"

both source and binary i download but i dont know where put them

together or seperate them to two folders


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The binary is the emulator. The source is the source code that won't mean anything to you unless you want to start coding additions to the source and then recompile it into a binary.

You followed what "steps"?
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thanks the zombie Agozer

i step the steps that knuckels post twice

[]--- Have the Super Smash Bros. Melee game ID GALE74 <<<yes,i got
[]--- Have downloaded and installed the GALE74.patch in the dolwin /data/ folder from HERE<<<<<yes i put it already
[]--- Have downloaded and installed the GALE74.map in the dolwin /data/ folder from HERE <<<<yes i put it already ,too.
[]--- Added the following lines in your GAMES.INI in the dolwin /data/ folder:
<<<<<lol, i got a question here, there is a confusing thing
at my [gale74]'s bottom>>>>>>>>>>>>this "//~~~[T]-[06/8 Games]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"
who can tell me what's this, may i delete it or dont bother it

alttitle=Super Smash Brothers Melee (USA)
comment=Playable with patch
cf = 8
delay = 3
bailout = 2
//arenaLo = 0x80403100
//arenaHi = 0x81600000
//loadrun = data\SSBM.s
//lnfo =[]--- You are using the ported DOLPHIN video plugin for Dolwin from HERE, installed in the dolwin /plugins/ folder and it's the plugin selected in the video plugin configuration
[]--- You have all the 4 controllers ENABLED in the input plugin configuration